Installing Premium Energy-Efficient Windows for Elko New Market, MN, Homeowners

There’s more going on with your home’s windows than meets the eye. But while you can’t see the effects of a window that isn’t energy efficient, you can certainly feel them. It may be an annoying draft that you notice whenever you walk by, or a room that simply won’t stay warm even when you have the heater on in the winter. Energy-efficient windows can solve this problem, and Pure Home Restoration is the name Elko New Market, Minnesota, homeowners need to know when it’s time to get some. We offer top-of-the-line replacement windows from Pella® that will keep your home better insulated with the utmost style.Pointed specialty shape windows inside home during winter

How Do Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Work?

What makes a window energy-efficient? Simply put, energy efficiency refers to its ability to control a phenomenon called thermal transfer. Warm air will naturally travel to colder spots nearby in order to balance out the temperature in that area, and your home’s windows can offer this warm air a gateway to wherever it wants to go. That means it will try to enter your house in the summer and escape it in the winter, which leads to fluctuating indoor temperatures.

Insulated frames and multi-pane glazing, which are features of the Pella windows we install, essentially put up a barrier through which that warm air can’t pass. As a result, you take fewer trips to the thermostat and enjoy more savings on your monthly energy bills.

Stylish, Energy-Saving Windows

At Pure Home Restoration, we don’t like to sacrifice style for substance. That’s why we offer energy-efficient windows from Pella and other top manufacturers in many popular styles—like double-hung, picture, casement, and awning—with plenty of customization options to boot. You’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable home with eye-catching new windows that perfectly complement your home’s aesthetic!

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 Pure Home Restoration replaced all of the windows on the north, east and west sides of my house including the picture window and sliding glass door in the kitchen. Don was great to work with. They took care of all of the claim/insurance company dealings which was very helpful. I haven't had to do much more than enjoy the new windows. 
 Don Darnell and the Pure Home team were incredibly professional and knowledgeable throughout our entire repair process. Don went above and beyond advocating for us with our insurance company. His attention to detail throughout the repair process was greatly appreciated which allowed for a seamless installation process. We would recommend Pure Home without hesitation and plan to work with them again if/when the need arises. 
 Pure Home was quick in responding to me, and worked directly with my insurance and mortgage companies to help guide me through the process of the claim. They had an onsite foreman each day to check the progress of both the roof and gutter replacements. They were professional and thorough. 
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